mindful eating coaching

Do you:

  • Feel stuck in a pattern of emotional stress eating that hurts your whole self?
  • Struggle with eating, dieting, or body image?
  • Want to have happy and healthy relationship with your food, and with your body, mind and emotions?
  • Want to invest more of your energy creating the life you crave?

You want to resolve mindless and emotional eating and senseless yo-yo dieting, and you know that strict diets don’t work for you and you are ready to try something new 

I am so glad you are! Because my Mindful eating coaching program is here to help! 


Mindful eating works with all dimensions of eating (mind, body, thoughts, emotions, feelings) and it works!  Research shows that mindfulness when applied to eating is a helpful for gaining more control over your eating habits and is a great long term approach for managing your weight.  

Mindful eating is not a DIET.


A diet is about being in control, which implies you can get out of control. But eating mindfully is about being in charge


My 10 weeks Mindful eating coaching program is based on mindfulness, intuitive eating and positive neuroplasticity principles and research.

It guides you to resolve mindless and emotional eating and senseless yo-yo dieting; it teaches an entirely new body-mind awareness approach to food, healthy eating, yo-yo dieting, weight loss and emotional stress eating - mindful eating.  And create healthy relationship with food, your thoughts, emotions and body.


We will meet online once a week, for ten weeks.


You will:

  • develop a greater awareness toward hunger and satiety clues from the body;
  • learn to identify and deal with your personal triggers for mindless eating, such as stress, emotions, social pressures, or certain foods;
  • understand how stress impacts not only how you eat but how you live your life;
  • apply body-mind awareness, mindfulness toward food choices;
  • learn how to balance eating for nourishment with eating for enjoyment - without deprivation or guilt; 
  • know how to incorporate self-care in your busy life, so your reduce your vulnerability to stress eating. 

It is no longer about punishment, deprivation or guilt.

It is about reaching optimal weight and health, and developing a healthy and joyful relationship with food without stress.


Let’s Get Started!


I work with a limited amount of women each month to give you my full attention, get all your questions answered during our sessions or by email in between, and provide many useful of resources. I want you to succeed and reach your well-being goals, so if you’re committed to your health and well-being I’ll be 100% committed to you. 

My Mindful eating coaching program is evidence based and practical and is always focused and individualized for you. 

Ready to give up diets and to get started on your stress free, healthy eating habits journey? Let’s chat! 


I offer you free 15-Minute exploration session via WhatsApp, Skype or Phone ( if you are in EU)

Please email me at info@inesemillere.com to set up a session. Please note that this is not a coaching session. It is simply a time to learn about your goals and stress eating concerns to see how I can help you.  

I look forward to chatting with you!