How to forgive yourself.

You are only humanThis is what I repeat often to my ‘girls’ – my mindful eating program participants.

Whatever decisions, choices, or even mistakes resulted in your current position, get over them.

Successful people recognize that in life, there are no mistakes or failures. There are simply undesired outcomes that offer a learning experience.

Most people operate from the realm of "what if" and live either in the past or the future. You decide that past failures dooms you to repeat these mistakes in the future, or you struggle with the concept of "what if" and contemplate a future that is pure fiction. It doesn't exist.

It's time to get real. Live in the present.

As long as you continue to dwell on your mistakes, you are simply creating elaborate excuses to share. You can continue to beat yourself up, or do something about it.

So what if you were a stress eater? So what if you knew you were going to gain weight, but gave in anyway?

Those were all choices that happened in the past. You are in the driver's seat. You have the keys. You have the power to control your thoughts and actions. No matter how difficult it may seem, you can choose to be different. It only takes an instant to change your mindset.

Dwelling on the past is only an excuse to delay the process.

The first step is to forgive yourself.
Forgiveness is not an event. It's a process. It takes time.
You've spent a long time telling yourself that you are bad, lazy, fat, ugly, or other nasty things that just aren't true.

You can continue to do the same thing, or recognize that for things to change, you must change.

One easy way to do this is to simply stand in front of the mirror several times per day, look yourself in the eye, and say out loud: "The more I love the way I am, the more I am the way I want to be."

Does this feel silly to you? It's not. That discomfort you have isn't because you're doing something stupid ... it's because you're not comfortable with you. In fact, the more excuses you make to not do this exercise, the more reason you should.

You'll find that, over time, you will become more comfortable with who you are. Soon, you'll look forward to greeting yourself. Eventually, you want to learn to love yourself again. You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are radiant.

Do you see that as well?

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