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Why mindful eating might be the answer to stress eating.

Human nature naturally seeks balance and we mistakenly hope to find that balance and soothing in food. 
We engage in mindless automatic munching, comforting ourselves with food and … gaining weight.  
Can you relate to that?
Maybe you’d heard the terms “emotional eating” and “stress eating” before, you’d never made much of an effort to learn anything about them.

Eating when you’re stressed or WHEN dealing with emotional issues – seems pretty simple, right?

Um, in definition only.

What you didn’t realize was that you were feeding a feeling.
You were using food to take your mind off of the stress of everything else going on.
Over the past few months, you’ve been dealing with a lot. Work uncertainties, relationship issues, an upcoming move or menopause stress -- all had you eating three or four times the amount of food you’d normally eat in a day

When you started gaining weight (a kilo here, two kilos there – what the crap, is that a muffin top?!), you thought you just needed to cut back. Maybe work out more.
Just to discover that diets don’t work and just adding more physical activities don’t work when it comes to stress eating.
Here is why: chronic stress leads chronic elevations stress hormone cortisol

There are several complicated factors related to chronic elevations of stress hormone cortisol that can trigger stress eating and weight gain:
  • Cravings – your appetite is high all the time and you crave for wrong type of food. Most likely, you seek out foods like cookies, candy, ice cream, chips and pizza.
  • Increased appetite -- which ultimately drives you to eat more.
  • Fat Storage -- excessive stress even affects where you tend to store fat. Higher levels of stress are linked to greater levels of abdominal fat.
  • Emotional/Stress Eating -- excess nervous energy can often cause you to eat more than you normally would. Under stress, most times you even don’t notice you are munching something.
  • Difficult weight loss and dieting - high cortisol and adrenaline levels as a result of chronic stress trigger your body to burn calories from carbs and lean muscle (protein) instead of fats. It literally inhibits your body from burning calories from stored body fat and takes you out of your fat burning mode that you are designed to be in throughout the day.
Experts estimate that 75 percent of overeating and weight gain is triggered by our emotions, not physical hunger. 

Could this be the reason you've been struggling with your food or your weight?

Knowing that you want to eat healthy, stop endless restricting, yo-yo dieting and overeating is one thing.
Figuring out how NOT to stress eat when you’re under chronic stress is another.

  • Diets don’t work.
  • Stress really is a killer
  • After age of 40 the rules of self-care change – in order to optimize weight and health you need compassionate, constructive, holistic -- body, mind approach.
This is where mindful eating comes in – it helps to deal with stress and resolves stress eating.

  Mindful Eating  teaches you
  • how to substitute self destructive behaviors with healthy habits that allow you to successfully adapt and adjust to life’s ever changing environment.
  • how to recognize and cope effectively with triggers for mindless and emotional eating
  • the strategies to manage stress and end your dependence on eating as a means of coping with difficult emotions. 
  • how to change your mindset, behavior and habits so that you become the kind of person who can stop mindless stress eating effectively and manage weight naturally—without dieting. 
  • how to balance eating for nourishment with eating for enjoyment - without deprivation or guilt.
Mindfulness helps change happen by putting space in between us and our stress reactivity, helping to set us free and being in charge of our choices
Discover how mindful eating program can help you to break free from yo-yo dieting and stress eating! 

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