Callanetics - Gymnastics for Ageless Women.

Callanetics is a type of gymnastics, named after its creator Callan Pinckney. 

It is a unique system of static exercises involving frequent repetition of small muscular movements, stretches and squeezes of all body parts: legs, buttocks, hips, arms, shoulders, back and abs. 

It’s based essentially on various elements of oriental gymnastics, combined with certain breathing exercises. 

In terms of physical loads, one hour of callanetics equals 6 hours of traditional shaping or 24 hours of aerobics.

What’s so special about this system is that our muscles get an enormous static load. You have to remain in a certain position for about 60-100 seconds. Each particular exercise is designed to activate all muscle groups.

So what does callanetics do to your body?
  • Regenerates metabolism.   
  • Reduces weight and shapes up the body.
  • Improves posture.
  • Teaches how to control your body.
  • Strengthens your muscles and helps shape up a “ballerina-like body”.
If you wish to change your body fundamentally, i.e. lose weight, tone up the muscles, shape up your figure, it is high time to take up callanetics classes.

Callan Pinckney, the author and creator of this system, points out that you can achieve impressive results even in short time. Callan herself could be an advertising for her own program. She was a true beauty statement even in her senior years.

Callanetics is indispensable to start feeling your own body, which makes exercises even more effective! 

And the result is not only strong muscles, but also a beautiful toned up body.

You can start right now from wherever you are ! Click here.

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