Three one minute techniques to Relax and De-Stress.

Stress drains your energy, blocks your intelligence, expands your waistline and ruins your health.

Try these three simple, one minute techniques to relax and de-stress, get back on track, and lower stress hormone cortisol that sabotages your weigh loss.

Three deep breaths
1.     Take an easy inhalation and hold it for a brief moment. It feels nicer the deeper the breath goes into the body.
2.     When you exhale, make it long, trying to get all the breath out of your lungs. As you breathe out, let any tension leave the body with the breath. You don’t need it anymore, so just let it go.
3.     Pause at the end of the exhale, then inhale again, a little deeper this time than the last.
4.     Repeat several times.
5.     Let the breath come back to normal, and feel the change in your body and in your mood.

Relax your neck (at last!)

(with all of these, please take care if you have had recent surgery, a neck or back injury. you are the best judge of what is safe for you.)

1.      Lower your chin toward your chest and feel the weight of your head.
2.     Lift your chin toward the ceiling, as slowly as you can. Let your head fall back and feel the stretch in the front of your neck.
3.     Repeat several times. Go as slowly as you can, and enjoy the sensation.
4.     End by slowly coming back to center.

Relax your shoulders! (computer users’ favorite!)

1.     Rotate your shoulders as if you are pedaling a bicycle with them. You can do this at whatever pace feels good; perhaps each time you do it, you can vary the speed.
2.     After a few rotations in one direction, go in the opposite direction.
3.     Stop! You can do this suddenly, and feel the sensation of coming to a rapid stop, or you can keep going slower and slower, until the movement is imperceptible, and feel the gentle ‘landing’ as you ease to a stop.

After each, pause for a few minutes. Feel your breath going in and out of the body, and experience what is happening in the body. No words or descriptions are necessary.

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