Stress and Eating solutions.

Eating while we’re stressed or emotionally wound up usually leads us to eat more

It may cause us to choose poorer-quality foods, and leave us with symptoms of digestive distress. There is no food or diet that is healthy if we’re stressed when we eat.

What we’re actually experiencing under stress, is the sympathetic nervous system dominance and arousal. That neurological system prepares the body to fight or flee, and one of its functions is to shut down digestion

When this happens, the stomach produces fewer digestive enzymes, and we excrete nutrients without absorbing them. Because the enzymatic “fires in the belly” aren’t burning hot enough to break down our food, we’re more likely to experience heartburn, indigestion and gas.

Solution for eating when under stress.

Approach our food slowly and calmly. This helps trigger the parasympathetic nervous system’s “rest and relax” mechanism, which helps optimize our digestive powers. Slow, deep mindful breathing helps activate it and can also improve nutritional absorption.

The tradition of saying grace before a meal is another way to encourage a calmer eating experience. It gives us a second to pause and catch our breath and bring our whole selves to the table. This allows us to really taste, experience and feel the satisfaction of our meal. When we don’t taste food, our brains don’t get the message that we ate, and pretty soon they’re telling us that we’re still hungry.

Tips for Healthy Eating

If you have a healthy relationship with your food, it will have a healthy relationship with you

Here are some tips to keep in mind:
  • Relax. Make a point of calmly breathing before, during and after a meal. Oxygen acts like a nutrient in the body, and it’s as powerful as any digestive enzyme you can take.
  • Slow down. Give yourself more time to eat meals, and pay attention to your pace. If you normally take 15 minutes for lunch, take 30.
  • Regulate your rhythm. Notice when you eat your biggest meals. Are you sluggish after a big breakfast but energized by a hearty lunch? Figure out a rhythm that works for you and adjust as needed.
  • Notice results. Digestion is a feedback system. Pay attention to how you feel after consuming particular foods and combinations. Do you feel sleepy? Foggy? Energized? Melancholic? Strong? Experiment with eliminating and adding different foods to see what produces the best results for you.
  • Prioritize pleasure. Mindful eating -- enjoying and savoring our food activates the relaxation response and gives us maximum digestive power. So the more you consciously enjoy your meal, the better it is for you.

So slow down, taste your food, listen to your body and enjoy the eating process. As a result you enjoy more, you eat less, you lose weight with ease, naturally without dieting.   

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