New Year Wellness Resolution Success Starts with a Vision

In order for your New Year’s wellness, stress reduction, fitness and weight management  resolutions to be successful the first step to create a Vision.

Visualization Tool for Developing a Vision

1. Close your eyes and take a deep breath from the lower stomach and slowly breathe out. (Use this as a transition throughout the exercise.)

2. In your mind, go to a quiet place where you feel comfortable, peaceful, strong, and confident. You feel relaxed.

What does your quiet place look like? How do you feel being there? Notice what’s around you.

3. Picture yourself 1 year, 5 years, etc. from now. What does your health, fitness, or wellness look like? How do you look physically? What are you wearing? How does your body move? Notice any other changes in your life.

Describe what you are doing, feeling, and thinking about your wellness.

4. Imagine that it is 5 years from now and you have accomplished your goals. What does it feel like? What are you doing differently? What is the same? What did you do to get there? Who’s around you? What activities are you doing? Describe your health now. Who has helped you along the way?

5. Think of one key word to sum up this experience and/or your commitment to health, fitness, and wellness.

6. Open your eyes, and now you are ready to set SMART wellness goals.

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