Mindful Eating - YOU are the expert.

Mindful eating is not directed by charts, tables, pyramids, or scales. It is not dictated by an expert. It is directed by your own inner experiences, moment by moment. Your experience is unique. 

Therefore YOU are the expert

In the process of learning to eat mindfully, we:

  • replace self-criticism with self-nurturing, 
  • anxiety with curiosity, 
  • shame with respect for your own inner wisdom. 

Mindful eating is a way to rediscover one of the most pleasurable things we do as human beings. It also is a path to uncovering many wonderful activities going on right under our noses and within our own bodies. 

Mindful eating has the unexpected benefit of helping us tap into our body’s natural wisdom and our heart’s natural capacity for openness and gratitude. 

We ask ourselves questions like:
  • Am I hungry?
  • Where do I feel hunger?
  • What part of me is hungry?
  • What do I really crave?
  • What am I tasting just now?

These are very simple questions, but we seldom pose them.

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