How to Be Good Enough in Your Eating.

I once heard that the difference between good enough and perfect is a logarithmic increase in effort! 

What if you were to invest that time and energy in self-care instead?

Here are some messages straight out of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat – book based on Am I Hungry? mindful eating program to help you make the switch from "too perfect" to "good enough."

About eating:
  • Perfection isn't possible, and fortunately, it isn't necessary.
  • Don't make new rules like, "Only eat when you're hungry" or "Stop eating when you're full." Hunger and fullness are helpful tools, not rules.
  • Let go of the need to get it right and, instead, approach eating with flexibility and self-acceptance.
  • Balance eating for nourishment with eating for enjoyment. 

About exercise:
  • No person and no schedule are ever perfect, but thinking you have to do it perfectly will derail you every time.
  • In order for physical activity to become part of your life, try to be as consistent but as flexible as possible.
  • It’s human nature to experience varying levels of enthusiasm for exercise. Keep in mind that your goal is not perfection. Rather, strive to increase your activity most days of the week and accept that there will be days when it’s more challenging than others.

About living mindfully:
  • Think direction, not perfection.
  • Ask yourself: “Is there a more reasonable expectation I could have about this situation or myself? What would be a more realistic and empowering way of talking to myself about this?”
  • Be willing to make mistakes since they are an opportunity for learning and growth.
  • Be vulnerable. Let people you trust see your imperfections and fears. This can deepen intimacy and free you from the need to be perfect.

Perfectionism is just one of the many challenges addressed in Mindful eating coaching.

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