From Perfection Toward Grey Zone of Mindful Eater.

We live at a fast speed. And many times we forget that healthy lifestyle is a long-term process, not a short-term pledge of perfection. 
Perfection is restrictive: we give our brain a certain input (all or nothing; black or white) and it ignores seeing possibilities as they arise. 

Rather than seeing your choices as either good or bad, right or wrong, or all or nothing, small changes practiced consistently allow you gradually implement change with the least pain possible. 

It means moving away from the extremes and finding the shades of grey.   

An eating and physical activity plan that takes into account your health concerns, preferences, schedule, goals, and cultural and other personal matters, makes it possible to establish a healthy lifestyle that's flexible enough to withstand the realities of daily life in our food-abundant environment. Mindful eating helps you discover your grey zone. 

From Grey to Great!

Mindful eating is a dynamic, flexible approach that embraces curiosity, non-judgment, and the grey areas. In mindful eating coaching we explore the entire decision-making process, including:
  • Paying attention to hunger and fullness cues
  • Recognizing emotional and environmental triggers for eating
  • Using nutrition information as a tool, not a weapon
  • Choosing food that reflects balance, variety, and moderation for optimal nourishment and enjoyment
  • Appreciating the appearance, aromas, and flavors of food
  • Noticing how different foods, ingredients, and quantities affect satiety, energy, and pleasure
  • Learning from mistakes rather than shaming, blaming, or judging
  • Engaging in regular, joyful physical activity
  • Practicing consistent self-care that decreases vulnerability to stress and unhealthy behaviors
  • Giving up the dichotomy of being in control or out of control, and choosing to be in charge instead

When you look for the shades of grey in place of old black-and-white thinking, you'll quickly discover how colorful your life becomes!

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