Diets Don’t Work – How to Stay Fit After 40

Frustrated because taking weight off and keeping it off after 40 seems harder than it used to be?

You might have discovered that diets don’t work.

If diets don’t work what is the solution to stay fit over 40 without dieting and overexercising?  

Consider Five Steps to 'Stop Mindless Stress Eating and Start Living with Eating Mindfully ': 

Step 1: Accept that diets don't work for long-term weight management; instead they fuel your yo-yo cycle.

Diets focus on what and how much to eat. These two factors are only part of the problem.

Diets don’t address the underlying problem why you eat when you aren’t hungry. If you are eating in response to boredom, stress, or an emotional situation – stress eating, you are much more likely to reach for convenient comfort food, usually in large portions. 

Going on a diet doesn't address the real reasons you stress overeat. Diets provoke deprivation and cravings, inevitably lead to overeating and guilt. When you go off your diet, your emotional eating triggers are still there. 

Step 2: Relearn to manage your weight effortlessly using your internal cues of hunger and fullness. 

We are all born with an instinctive ability to eat when we're hungry and stop when we're full, but many have forgotten how to do it. People who eat instinctively aren't dieting but  they are managing their weight effortlessly.

Step 3: Eat what you love-there are NO good or bad foods. 

Your goal when trying to implement a healthy lifestyle should not center around eating less, but loving the food you eat more. Despite all the fear-based messages about nutrition, food will not harm you as long as you practice moderation. 

Nutrition information should not be a weapon. It should be a tool to help you create a balance between what you want to eat and what you need to eat. Remember, satisfaction does not come from fullness alone. When you experience the pleasure of eating the foods you love without guilt, you'll find that the amount of food you actually need is less than you thought. 

Step 4: Love what you eat!

Many women eat quickly, mindlessly, or secretly. If you are watching TV, driving, working, or attending to another task while you are eating, you can easily miss your internal cues of hunger and satiety. What's more, if you are not taking time to enjoy your food, you will be left feeling unsatisfied by what you ate so you want more. 

Eating mindfully helps you eat less and enjoy it more.

Step 5:  Exercise for a vibrant, healthy life, not to earn the right to eat. 

Exercising oftentimes feels like an obligation for women, an effort that's sole purpose is to counteract food intake. Trying to calculate the balance between calories eaten and calories burned is a cumbersome, impossible task-one that causes you to miss out on the true rewards and benefits of exercising. 

Exercise improves health, energy, fitness, function, overall well-being, and appearance. It is good for everyone-whether they are trying to lose weight or not. 

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