Love Your Aging Body, and It Will Love You Back No Matter What

Learning to love and accept our bodies as they are RIGHT NOW can sometimes feel like a challenging, if not impossible, task. 

However, I wholeheartedly believe that making the choice to fall in love with yourself and your body is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. 

This is not about being narcissistic or egotistical.  If you truly, truly want to find joy in this world and you think that having a perfect body will give you that, please know that you have been conditioned by the media and society.

The truth is that you CAN find beauty and worth in yourself even if you’re not in the 1% that is genetically predisposed to look like a Victoria’s Secret model. You CAN be strong, energetic, have endurance and vitality without being a certain size. More importantly, you CAN love your body and be confident in your own skin regardless of the size.

I challenge you to consider this: in order to get to a weight that’s perfect for YOU, that will support your health and bring you a sense of well-being or fitness, you MUST first respect and appreciate your body. You must treat your body as an instrument rather than an ornament. When you do this, your body will respond in kind.

This may feel overwhelming, but I promise you, a tiny bit of consistent effort every day will yield huge payoffs.

Please start pondering how you can accept and love yourself every single day. Below are some tips to help you in the process:

1. Contemplate all of the things your body does for you and the ways it serves you without you thinking about it. Your body really is extraordinary. Think about it—your skin cells are replaced once a month, your stomach lining every 5 days, your liver every six weeks and your skeleton every three months. That’s amazing!!

2. Realize that life is abundantly filled with richness to be savored right now. Let go of “if/when” thinking (i.e. when I get to a certain weight, then I’ll take the vacation, take up the hobby, join the class, etc.) and decide to participate in life NOW.

3. Adapt the belief that is YOUR BIRTHRIGHT to take up space in this world—find assurance in this. Stand up and move with confidence.

4. Wear clothes and accessories that make you feel beautiful and comfortable, and that enable you to move with grace, elegance and ease.

5. Decide to cultivate body-awareness by finding a method of movement and/or exercise that makes you feel good. Think of exercise as a nurturing way to feel vital rather than a rigid means to lose weight.

6. Fuel yourself. Learn what foods your body is asking for—those that will boost your moods and give you a sense of balance and wholeness.

Put a sign on your mirror that says saying, “I am beautiful inside and out.” Look you in the eyes say it to yourself.

Right this very second: Make a list of 5 positive things about yourself that do not involve your appearance. Celebrate your greatness.  :)

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