How Did I Overcome Burnout and Mindless Stress Eating? | My Personal Story

A good life is a matter of balance – the balance between the external demands, the inner needs, values, hopes and expectations, and our ability to meet them or cope with them having or lack of external support.

Stress is an incapability of adaptation, lack of it. Stress is an imbalance. Stress actually can kill you! 

When I am looking back at my corporate life, I can say – I have always been under stress and during last years was experiencing wide range of signs of burnout.

My body, mind and emotions were seriously affected. I started to stress eat to somehow comfort myself,...and needless to say started to gain weight. 

The had severe headaches and I never went out without strong pain relievers in my purse. I cannot remember my shoulder muscles without tension and pain. Constant muscle tension and tachycardia burnt my personal energy and nutritional resources and I felt chronic fatigue. Even I spent enough hours sleeping they did not bring me rest. I was tired from everything - such simple duties as weekly shopping or home cleaning could initiate almost hysterical reaction.

My stress had shut down my immune system and I became more prone to such illness as cold, flu and even pneumonia. I got cold at least couple of times in a year. 

The excess amount of stress hormones resulted in severe problems with my stomach – gastritis. As you may know digestive system doesn't work properly when under chronic stress -- my stomach was not able to absorb my food properly, so I started to experience stress related nutritional deficiencies.

I suffered from chronic fatigue from being in a constantly alert state. My mood fluctuated but rarely was balanced, serene or calm.

I was extremely vulnerable, and defensive,critical and hard to myself as well to others, always tense and ready to defend myself and to fight.

I had tried to build an image of a successful person for the outside society, but at the same time I was shouting at my child, and was not able to establish quality relationships. I was permanently anxious.

There was only one possibility left – to do something, to deal with stress faster then it finally deals with me, my physical and mental well being.

It was finally time to learn take things lighter and easier, start to love myself, learn how to relax and enjoy life -- take care of my whole self.

At the age of 42 I left my corporate carrier, took my life back and became lifestyle coach in holistic stress management and mindful eating. I finally was able to re-balance and de-stress my personal life and help busy women to deal with their stress related problems. Needless to say that I never looked back.

I deeply belief that the only way to prevent burnout is to invest in your self care and create a strong self-care buffrezone. It includes investing in your whole self – mind, body, spirit and heart on regular basis, daily basis.

From my personal experience I can say that there is no other way around  -- you are your most important asset and its up to you to be in charge of your life, health and well-being.


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