Counteract Stress Eating with Relaxing Downtime | Put Your Brain at Rest

Relaxation is a huge part of your self-care program if you want to fight fat over 40.

Nothing is a waist of time if it puts your brain to rest. 

Planning your downtime or ME time daily helps to deal with daily stress -- prevents it from accumulation and eventual burnout. 

We all suffer the mid-afternoon slump: that lethargic, lack-of-motivation apathy that sets in and kicks our internal engine to idle.

Instead of engaging in mindless stress eating to pick you up, give yourself permission to take a 5 or 10 minute mental break: 
  • try instant relaxation, 
  • breath mindfully, 
  • get yourself a cup of black tea
  • take a walk,
  • read a book, 
  • doing facials, 
  • taking bath, 
  • doing household chores. 
“Frustration stems from your inner critic and only serves to make us crazed,” says Loretta LaRoche, the author of Life is Short, Wear Your Party Pants.  “Have fun. There are no tombstones that say, ‘Did everything, died anyway.”

Many more solutions how to create self-care buffer-zone and stop stress eating, and so much more in 8-week Mindful Eating Program.

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