Chicken or Eagle? Is This About You ?

Once upon a time there was a chicken farmer, who happened to be a keen rock climber. 

One day he was out climbing on a very high crag and he came across a nest. In the nest there were three very big eggs. They were eagle eggs.

The farmer knew that it was not good to steal eggs but he took one anyway.

When he got back to his chicken farm he put the egg in a hen house. When the egg hatched the hen was very, very proud. The eagle began to grow and spend his life with the hens - his brothers and sisters, doing what hens do: scratching around in dirt, flapped its wings fearlessly but never go more than few feet of the land.

And then one day the eagle happened to look up and the air it saw soaring very high, very majestically a golden eagle. He had no idea what it was. He turned to other chicken and said that it's absolutely fantastic!

What is it? Chicken answered: well, it's an eagle, it's the king of the birds, king of the skies. We are not a part of that eagle's life. We are earth birds and we are destined to spend our lives in a farm yard doing what we are doing.

Moral: The eagle lived and died as a chicken because that's all it though there was.

Look at your current life and ask yourself:

* Do I settle for what I have or for what someone else thinks or what he or she told I should have done, think, live you name it?
* Am I letting the stress to put barriers between me and my family, me and my friends, me and my body, and finally me ....and myself?
* Where can I see that my negative thinking has set myself up for stress or failure?

Never, never settle for less.

Now it's time to apply your new lifestyle management tool.

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