Mindful eater skills to fight stress induced eating.

Food has the power to temporarily alleviate stress and sadness, enhance joy, and bring us comfort when we need it most. It's no wonder experts estimate that 75 percent of overeating is triggered by our emotions, not physical hunger. 

Although dieting and physical activities are not enough when it comes to stress eating, especially for us women over 40.  What works?

The good news is you can overcome emotional eating through holistic approach and dozens of mindful activities that are healthy for both body and mind. 

You need holistic approach to stress -- the core reason you eat when you are NOT hungry. Mindfulness. Mindful living and mindful eating is the answer.

Learn seven skills of the mindful eater as described by Susan Albers:

1. Awareness – Don’t try to change anything at first. Keep a mindful food journal. Closely track the sensations in your body: hunger, stress, pain, emotions. Pay attention to your senses as you eat. Savor.

2.  Observation – Be an impartial observer. Just notice. Watch your thoughts and say, “Did you notice that? A thought about food just popped into my head again.”

3. Being in the Moment – Shift out of stress autopilot. Make eating a conscious decision.

4. Being Mindful of the Environment – Take an inventory of the mindless eating environment around you. What influences you to eat?

5.  Nonjudgment – Be aware of your critical thoughts about your habits or your body. Move away from rigid food rules that say food is good or bad.

6.   Letting Go – Respond mindfully, rather than react, to food cravings.

7.  Acceptance – Accept your body and your hunger as it is, while recognizing that acceptance is the first step to change.

    • Are you sick of dieting and stress overeating?
    • Would you like to prevent weight gain due to chronic stress?
    • Would you like to use your intuitive wisdom and mindfulness in re-learning a healthy relationship with food?

    Don′t let stress to increase the size of your waistline, develop stress fat and age you prematurely – discover no-diet weight loss to overcome yo-yo dieting and stress eating habit using mindful eating approach. 

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