2013 Resolutions Fading? Make Real Change Slowly

Are your New Year Resolutions fading? You are not alone.

How often do we have to do something to make a change? 

Big changes happen slowly. Managing stress and losing weight, or giving something up should be a slow and steady practice. 

You can't expect to be able to get your body back and mind be still on the first go, but here is where the practice of change starts. 

If you really want to change some aspect of yourself, here are the steps you should take.

1. Make a commitment to whatever it is and set your intention. 

Be very clear about what your intention is and what the outcome should be. For example, if you wanted to lose weight the intention could be something like this: “I am going to address my real needs, so I stop stress eating and lose weight so I can feel stronger and fitter in my body and with this new found strength I will be able to serve my family and those closer to me in a better way.”

2. Decide on the technique. 

The difference between a tourist and a resident is the level of clarity involved.  Get clear about how you are going to create this change. Example: “Each time whenever I want to eat I will ask myself a question “Am I Hungry? and I will rate my hunger on a scale from 0-10.”

3. Find a teacher or guide. 

This is an important step. This person will be your power when you lose yours. She will guide you when or if you become discouraged. Tell her what it is you want to achieve.

4. Beware of the cloud of doubt. 

It will come in the form of a puff of smoke or a big black ugly cloud destined to rain right on your parade. This is when the practice begins. When you want it to stop, say to yourself: “It’s just one more day, I can do this.” Write a personal powerful affirmation for weight loss to use when the storm comes.

5. Be compassionate and patient with yourself. 

Change will come slowly but it will come. If you slip, watch out for the  “I might as well,” talk. This common line is an invitation to slip deeper back into the rut you are trying to escape. It goes like this: “I just ate some chocolate, what a failure, I might as well finish the block now.”

Good luck with your journey, be kind to yourself and remember the seeds for change are in all of us just waiting patiently for us to water them.

What are you waiting for?

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