Stress and Emotional Eating.

Stress is linked to increased emotional eating.

What is Emotional Eating?

'Emotional Eating' is when a person turns to food as a way to help with feelings. These feelings can beat anxiety, boredom, jealousy, joy or any other feeling. 

Emotional eating also involves obsession with food, weight and dieting. During dieting, the emotions become more apparent and old habits resurface.

You may recognize yourself in a few of these statements:
  • “When I feel nervous I eat too much”
  • “When I’ve done something difficult I feel like I deserve a reward and so I eat”
  • “When I feel sad or lonely I comfort myself with food”
  • “When I feel tense for an unknown reason I have a strong urge to eat”
Everyone sometimes indulges in emotional eating, from buying a cream filled pastry when you're feeling gloomy or eating another Easter egg because you're bored, we've all indulged.

Cheering yourself up with a sweet treat may seem harmless, but it can lead to weight gain. 

We 'stress eat' to avoid having to deal with emotions such as boredom, grief, guilt or loneliness.

It is common for women to keep themselves busy by numbing the feeling with food.

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