Mindful Eating Exercise vs Stress Eating Pattern

Have you ever used food as a stress management tool? 

I did. Many women are stress eaters.(Take a Stress Eater Quiz)

Eating mindfully is an effective way to counteract stress eating patterns.

Next time during your meal try this simple mindful eating exercise.  

 Mindful Eating Exercise

1. Before digging in, sit for a moment, even as those around you start eating, and take in all the sights, scents and sounds of the table and your environment. Take three deep breath.

2. Lift your fork and before placing the food in your mouth notice how it smells, how it looks

3. Take the bite and use your tongue to feel the texture, the temperature.

4. Chew 3 times, savor the bite and ask yourself “What does it really taste like?”, “Is this something I really want?” “Does it satisfy my taste buds?”

5. Put your fork down.

6. Continue chewing slowly, letting your saliva begin to liquefy the food.

7. Swallow.

8. Take a sip of water or liquid and allow 15 seconds to pass from the time you swallow to the time you take the next bite (if you’re eating with others, pay attention to what someone is saying or contribute to the conversation).

By the end of the meal — which you are the last to finish:
  •  you are not just full but truly satisfied. 
  • you will have probably not eaten as much but gained all the nutrition available from each bite because the body will be able to digest more thoroughly when the food is not swallowed practically whole. 
Ready for more dramatic change?