Tips To Overcome Negative Body Image.

When it comes to our bodies, everyone is their own worst critic. But its not only about teens, its about us, women over 40 as well. 

Its me, Inese Millere, MD

As you already may know anything that triggers you stress and makes you anxious keeps your stress hormone cortisol level elevated, destroys your health and ages you prematurely.

But have you noticed that the best pictures are not the ones where our hair is perfect or so…they are the ones where we are happy or thinking about someone or something we love. This shows where the real beauty resides. Our real beauty radiates from within.   

Indeed its all about energy, enthusiasm other people see. The more positive energy you project, the more others see you as a positive, healthy person and more you actually become that person. 

When you feel good about yourself, your overall self-image starts to transform and bodily changes follow.

How we perceive, how we feel about and what we believe to be true about our bodies determines our overall view of what we can achieve and what we will settle for in life.

The following tips will help you to start loving and feel better about your aging body and overcome negative body image. Make them an excellent positive routine you can implement in your life today.
  • Put yourself on the top of the list. Learn extreme self care. Remember the 'midlife challenge'-No Time For Ourselves. Make a commitment that from today things are going to be different.
  • Start every morning with a deep breath and a hug. Put your arms around yourself and give yourself a loving hug. 
  • Stop criticizing. If you tend to criticize and judge everything and everyone, stop it right now. Because when you look at your body, your dialogue doesn’t change, it followed the same pattern. When you became more positive and happy, you develop a more forgiving and compassionate nature. Positivity helps us to overlook faults all around.
  • Hug yourself mentally. Each time you look in a mirror, say to you "I love and appreciate you the way you are. I think you're absolutely beautiful. " Say only loving things to yourself and do it often.
  • Create an affirmation and say it. Each day, create an affirmation to a part of your body that you like. 'Thanks, eyes. I really value you, because you sparkle and show that I'm alive.' Say it out load at least twice a day. Affirmations are a very powerful tool. 
  • Find a picture of a woman you admire cut it out, and put it on your mirror for inspiration. When you browse through magazines look for pictures of women who had features similar to yours. As you will notice they are not perfect, but here they were in these magazines, and that would make you feel better about yourself. But don’t compare your body to others. Your body is one of a kind!
  • Look back. Find a favorite picture of yourself from each decade of your life. This will help you realize that you were a better-looking person than you may have thought you were at the time. Think twice when you judge yourself now!
  • Get plenty of sleep each night (there’s a reason it’s called “beauty sleep”).
  • Find role models whom you admire and think are attractive even though they are older and grayer. Put pictures of those people on your refrigerator, and use those images as something to look forward to and grow into.
  • Engage yourself in regular exercises such as walking, jogging, gentle yoga, bicycling, swimming or resistance training. This will help you stay fit and improve your body image. Start slow -- 20 minutes a day, three times a week will work their magic. Getting into good physical shape will improve your body image, too!
  • Create a healthy eating plan.
  • Pamper yourself with a long aromatherapy bath, a special outing, a spa day “just because,” or foot massage session.
  • Dress for success. Appearance does count at any age, but when you reach midlife wearing clothes, makeup and accessories that complement your figure is crucial. Experiment when you are shopping and find clothes that make you feel and look fabulous. Don’t be too anxious though, just try to be the best possible version of yourself.
  • Give thanks for your health, your life and your abilities.

Not many (if any) women are completely hay with their bodies. The goal is to be good within your body, to accept it, and to project this happiness to the rest of the world. 

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