Mindful Eating For Stress Management

Before we get into the topic at hand - mindful eating as a part of your stress management daily routine I want to ask you a question:

How many times you simply swallow your food even without noticing it?

Many times women feel too stressed and they notice neither the taste nor the amount of food they shovel into their mouth on a go, while watching TV or reading something on the computer. And this, let us admit, is a proven way to add some extra stress and extra body weight.

The good solution is to start practicing mindful eating: eating one nutritious meal or nutritious item (fruit for example) being fully present and concentrating on the food only.

You are high-achieving woman and have no time to implement any change? With a simple exercise you can change something you have to do anyway.

You change the way you eat and reach profound relaxation state while enjoying delicious and nutritious food. Hopefully :)

Lets make it simple: grab an apple and follow along:

1.Clear everything out of the way - no TV, no books or magazines, nothing should distract you from the food.

2.Look at the food. Observe the colors and shapes. Notice shiny and dull parts of the apple.

3.Feel your apple: hold it in your hand, sense it weight, the smooth surface and the stiff stem.

4.Smell the apple: take in its sweet bitter fragrance. Is your mouth starting to water?

5.Observe your feelings: how do you feel? Hungry, calm, happy or tense and anxious? Affirm yourself that you accept any of your feelings as valid.

6.Notice any thoughts regarding this exercise: is it stupid, fun, waste of time? Any thoughts are ok.

7.Take your first bite. Notice the juiciness, the texture, the taste. Start chewing slowly, notice any change in taste and texture.

8.Swallow and sense your muscles work.

9.Tell yourself that you are nourishing your body with good food.
Stop eating when you feel full and satisfied. You don't need to finish all of your food.

Action Tip:

Start using your mealtimes as a nurturing 'Me' time of peace and relaxation on a daily basis.

P.S. I must confess that when I had intention to try this exercise for the first time ...I remembered about my objective only some time AFTER I had literally swallowed my apple even without noticing I was eating it...I was anywhere else in my thoughts but not in a present moment! The second time went little bit better...at least I looked at it. Oops!

Yes, this is how it goes...but let's just be patient, and as you know, Practice (vs.perfect) Makes The Master.

Keep practicing and let me know about your mindful eating or any other stress management success.

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