Invest in Your Social Circle.

We are, by nature, social creatures, and the company we keep can have a huge impact on quality of life. 

Good friends and close family can celebrate with us during our best times and support us through our worst. A social network of healthy relationships can be a buffer against stress, stress eating and provide many other benefits. 

When under stress it is very natural to withdraw from the world and concentrate exclusively on solving that problem that causes the stress. Sometimes this is appropriate and useful reaction. 

But most often it not. Many times one person working on her own simply cannot achieve the tasks beyond a certain size. It is very similar with stress in our lives – many stressful situations cannot be resolved without the help of other people. 

People can help and support you in many ways:

- Physical assistance – financial or direct help, or provision of useful resources.
- Information – they may have information that helps in the situation or solves the problem, or may have some personal experience that also can help you.
- Problem solving – explaining your problem clearly to someone else can bring a problem into focus so that a solution is obvious. Or others could have a problem solving skills you don’t and are not directly involved with your problem can bring fresh alternatives.
- Emotional support when you start to doubt yourself or cheer you up when you are feeling down.

N.B. Don’t forget to keep talking to people and building your relationship even if you are stressed.

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