HOW your STRESS affects your professional carrier?

Without You, There Is Nothing and Attraction Isn't Possible
Claim your own at any hazard.

Have you ever stopped to consider how the STRESS affects your professional carrier?

It's true...something as " natural" as your everyday stress level can affect your mood, thought processes, and creativity...not to mention your weight (stress elevates cortisol level and actually makes you fat) and risk for developing diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer! This can have a huge impact on the decisions you make in your business.

I know what you think - would a balanced and stress free life attract more prospects into my business, generate positive cash flow and take my business to the next level?

I bet it would! It worked for me and the results have been and continue to be amazing!

You are living advertisements for your work at home business. You should be careful what your advertising says.

Take Action:

1. Put yourself at the Top of the List!

"Women usually think that doing for others is rewarding. But remember that doing for yourself is rewarding others".Unknown. 

If you spend all your free time building your business, what is your prospect going to see? For you to do an amazing job in anything, you have to feel good, have energy, have passion and have the focus to deliver. If you aren't putting yourself first, then it's impossible to have all of these things at the same time! Become irresistibly attractive – why?

Work at home business success rules are changing and you better build your business smart with attraction marketing methods.

2. Put your business second!

The business is there to support you and make money. If the business isn't supporting you, then you're not being put first. If the business isn't making money, then it won't last much longer. Truly putting the business second means creating processes, systems and procedures that keep the business going - which means sustaining YOU and your down-line. A truly successful business model is a win-win.....and it is possible!

3. Put clients third!

You heard me right. I don’t suggest neglect them – on the contrary - the first thing you need to add value to all your customers and make them feel there’s no one better to do business with than you. BUT clients want to buy from successful businesses. Part of that successful formula is having happy people and a sustainable business. If either of those is missing, then the customers or even prospects won't show up for long. That's why customers must be third in line when thinking about your business!

How does this relate to my business? 
I am glad you asked :)

Too many female business owners agonize over how to create business models that really make them profitable and happy. Many fail. Many spend hours slaving away unhappily or by delaying satisfaction for years to put customers and the business first.

When your life is full of stress and out of balance your business will not succeed for very long. Or if it does, you're still unhappy, so what's the point anyway?

You are your greatest asset! Its time to invest in yourself!