How to (Finally) Stop Being Ashamed of Your Body.

When it comes to our bodies, everyone is their own worst critic. But its not only about teens, its about us over 40 as well. As you already may know anything that triggers you stress and makes you worry and to be anxious keep your cortisol level elevated, destroys your health and ads to premature aging and leads to stress eating.

Perhaps you’ve spent countless hours scrutinizing the length of your nose or the width of your hips. Or maybe it’s a mole on your back or the size of your feet that drives you crazy. We’re all quite good at pointing out and obsessing over our own “flaws,” but most of us have a much harder time when it comes to accepting what we were born with.

In fact, an ABC News article reported that 35 percent of women have negative thoughts about their body up to five times a day.

Why Loving Your Body is so Important

While plastic surgery may serve to improve the self-esteem of many who choose it, it is a short-term solution to a bigger issue. Five years after a facelift, for instance, your face will inevitably have new wrinkles, and liposuction will not keep excess fat away if your lifestyle isn’t changed along with it.

In reality, no matter how many cosmetic procedures someone may have, they will probably always find another imperfection … unless they learn how to love their body.

Now imagine the great rewards you’ll reap for loving yourself. Research has proven that a negative body image is draining and contribute to:

•Depression and anxiety
•Suicidal thoughts and behaviors
•Dissociation (blocking out emotions as a coping mechanism)
•Sexual preoccupation and distress
•Post-traumatic stress disorder

A positive body image, meanwhile, will boost your self-esteem, your sense of well-being and peace, and even your very happiness, so you’ve got nothing to lose.