How Do You Honor Your Priorities?

I have noticed that especially during these challenging times there is one thing we often believe that we should ignore - work/life balance. In fact, quite the contrary. During difficult times work/life balance becomes even more critical.

When times get tough we want to dedicate more time to what we consider important. We have to find the optimum balance in order to do so. We need to find our natural rhythm like calm breathing in and out, flow is required.

What this requires?

Us to get our priorities straight. Tell me, what is your definition of the priority?

A priority is anything that you deem important. Our priorities are personal and uniquely our own. Our sacred values and beliefs are taken into consideration. 

How You Spend Your Time?
How you spend your time will make known your priorities. What’s your typical day and a typical week look like?
Make a list of how you spend your time on an average day.
See what your life (list) is telling you.

What’s important?

Ask yourself the question, what matters? 

Now write another list - what you value the most, what you consider most important in your life. ( family, your children, your health, your religious or spiritual practice?) Something else? 

Take a moment and compare your lists. You may be surprised to discover that there's a difference between what you consider most important in your life and how you spend your time. How do you feel about that?

How are your values/priorities reflected in your current life? 

Ask yourself:

- Which values am I neglecting?
- Are my priorities in synchrony with how I spend my time?
- Are there any changes I need to make so that my life more closely reflects my values?
- In what ways would my life be different if I honored my values?