Ageless Women Fitness for Body, Mind and Spirit.

As we age we tend to forget to care for ourselves. We also spend less time with friends  and more in isolation.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to share a great meal, experience a wonderful conversation, or team up for a long exhilarating walk -- ageless living is all about self-care!

Here are my Tips:

Pamper yourself. Schedule a massage after your workout as often as you can. Most fitness facilities have massage therapists on the premises.

Keep a fitness journal
. Record the physical changes taking place and note your emotional progress as well. Read through your journal from time to time and be proud of your accomplishments.

Put on some music and dance! Music has an energy that embraces the spirit. Feel the rhythm and let yourself go. It's lots of fun—especially when no one is watching!

Go back to school. Learn a new language or how to play a musical instrument. Take a computer class or master the art of storytelling. The possibilities are endless and your brain will thank you. 

Claim a space. Find a quiet corner in your home and make it your own. Go there to read, meditate or write a letter to a friend. After a good workout at the gym, "quiet time" will nourish your mind.

Start loving and feel better about your aging body and overcome negative body image. Make them an excellent positive routine you can implement in your life today.

Smile more! It does a body good!

Take Action – Start RIGHT NOW to be well-nourished ! Here is how.