A Change In Attitude for a Healthy Change on the Scale.

Do you know the top 2 tricks for your weight loss plan to succeed? They’re simpler than you may think—and they include adjusting sleep your routines and your attitude towards food!

A Better Body Starts with Balanced Sleep

The relationship between insomnia and obesity has been studied extensively and reports have shown that lack of sufficient sleep has the potential to interfere with the body’s metabolic process.

Aim for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night. Also make sure to be relaxed when bed time comes around. Listening to soothing music, reading your favorite book, enjoying a cup of chamomile tea or taking a warm shower will go a long way in setting the mood for a restful night of sleep.

Let Go of a Bad Attitude – How to Move Ahead

Developing a positive attitude towards food is another essential part of any successful weight loss plan. Research has shown that people that have a positive attitude towards food have a better body image and healthier weight.

Many times when dieting, we obsess over calorie intake; but counting calories is counterproductive when eating over-processed foods high in sodium and preservatives. These foods may be low in fat and calories, but they have the potential of slowly intoxicating the body with elements the liver and digestive system cannot fully metabolize, rendering weight-loss attempts unsuccessful. Not only that, but we start seeing food as “the enemy” instead of as a source of sustenance that is meant to be fully appreciated and enjoyed.

We can adopt a healthier attitude by learning from cultures that enjoy healthy longevity such as the Japanese, who meal times a ritual. Their approach involves taking great care in all stages of the meal process, beginning with the selection of ingredients.

Think Fresh

Fresh ingredients offer a greater amount of essential nutrients than processed ones. Leafy greens such as romaine lettuce, spinach, and collard greens are rich in vitamins and can be prepared in a variety of ways.

The internet can be a valuable resource for finding healthy recipes and tips that can help take the boredom out of preparing vegetables. Fresh fruits (especially seasonal ones) are another element of a healthy diet and need little more than a wash to make a sweet and healthy snack. And though cooking meals from scratch can seem like a time-consuming task; doesn’t it make sense to dedicate time and effort in preparing what will be providing nourishment for your body?

Since the New Year is a time for of evaluation where we seek to adopt positive new attitudes and behaviors, how about making this year’s weight loss resolution a lasting success?

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